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2016 Top Achievers

 SAI RAMPA... Quality Academics' Super Achiever (CAPE Examinations May/June 2016)...

Sai Rampa

 (Sept 2015 - June 2016)

Marialicia Scott...Quality Academics' Super Achiever (CAPE examinations May/June 2016).

Marialicia Scott

 (Sept 2015 - June 2016)

Mark Scott...Quality Academics Super Achiever - Class Valedictorian (2014)... passed 8 CSEC subjects and in the May/June CAPE 2016 sitting got Grade 1s in Biology, Chemistry and Physics Unit 1 with stright 'A' profiles...

Mark Scott

 (Sept 2012 - June 2016)

2016 Top performer...Sai pursued 8 CAPE Units in one year. He was successful in achieving Grade 1 passes in Biology Units 1 and 2, Chemistry Units 1 and 2 & Physics Units 1 and 2, with straight 'A' profiles. He was also awarded 2 Grade twos in Caribbean and Communication Studies respectively.
Marialicia desired a career change... She pursued 5 CAPE Science Units; Biology Unit 2, Chemistry Units 1 and 2 & Environmental Science Units 1 and 2. She was awarded ALL Grade ones with straight 'A' profiles...
Mark commenced his academic sojourn at Quality Academics in 4th Form September 2012. He was Valedictorian for the Graduating Class of 2014. Mark passed 8 CSEC subjects and in the 2016 CAPE examinations got Grade ones in 3 CAPE Science Units - Biology, Chemistry and Physics -with straight 'A' profiles.
Quality Academics' top performer for June 2015. Brittany sat 10 CSEC subjects and was awarded 9 Grade ones and a Grade 2. She was valedictorian for the Graduating class of 2015.
Nicoli attended Quality Academics from 4th - 6 Form & has consistently been a top performer. He sat CAPE Biology Units 1 & 2, Chemistry Units 1 & 2 & Pure Math Units 1 & 2. Nicholi scored six grade ones.
Benada is one of several top performers for the CAPE 2015 exams sat Biology Units 1 & 2, Chemistry Units 1 & 2 and Pure Math Units 1 & 2. Benada scored four grade ones and two grade twos
David sat the CSEC Economics Exam at age 14. With less than a year’s preparation at Quality Academics, he scored a Grade one with a straight A profile
2014 Top Performer for the CAPE Environmental Science Exam for Jamaica and the Caribbean
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