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Quality Academics, one of Jamaica’s leading private educational institution, has blazed a trail of academic excellence since its inception in September 1998. We have an enviable reputation of providing high quality tutoring from excellent teachers in a safe, structured environment that is conducive to learning.

The Quality Academics College Prep Program is offered to students who wish to pursue tertiary studies overseas. The course is an affordable and comprehensive training program which prepares students for S.A.T and A.C.T exams.


The program provides students with consultation services which assist with their placement and acquisition of scholarships to attend well known international universities.

The program is comprised of:



Participants in the College Prep Program attend preparation classes for all sections of the SAT or ACT Tests. Tutors will focus on content and test taking techniques. 



Selection of University: Students will be assisted with the college selection process. The Consultant will provide a list of universities to student applicants that offer their majors and excellent scholarship opportunities.


Application/Entrance Essay/Personal statement

Properly completed application forms, entrance essays and personal statements allow admissions officers/panels to assess a student’s writing ability and provide the institution with information about the student’s personal background.  In order to secure placement, we will guide our students in the application and essay-writing process and provide the support required to produce a meaningful, well-written personal statement.


Immigration and Travel

We provide meaningful advice regarding the Do’s and Don’ts of the Visa interview process for the United States and Canada.  Furthermore we also guide our students on issues surrounding maintaining your legal student status, finding work opportunities and matriculating towards graduation.


Financial Aid

We assist our students in the International Student Loan application process and also in identifying available Scholarships along with guiding them in completing the relevant application forms to increase the likelihood of success.



Colleges and universities are attracted to students who exhibit a wide range of interest and experiences. Students are encouraged to participate in structured community service programs and extra-curricular activities in High school. On average almost 50% of our students are able to get scholarships ranging from full ride, full tuition and partial. These include academic merit scholarships as well as athletic scholarships.


A very rich learning experience awaits you at Quality Academics. We guarantee high standards of teaching, administrative support and professionalism in a well equip, comfortable and safe environment conducive to academic growth and personal development. Call us or visit our campus and let us help you realize your academic and career goals.

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